Fill Dirt Near Me

Needing fill dirt near you? Check out what we have to offer below. Let’s get you scheduled today.

What Projects Is Fill Dirt Good For?

Fill dirt is excellent for fixing major grading issues, filling holes, raising property levels and more. If you just need dirt that doesn’t matter what it is, this is the stuff. We get you a good deal on material to help save on cost.

If you are looking to bring up your grade to anything under 6 inches, generally topsoil is the right product for you. If you need more than 6 inches, depending on the job, you may be considering ordering fill dirt. Fill dirt has rocks and dirt clods that are great for stability, but not good for sod. 

Need Help Measuring For Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt has rocks and dirt clods to help with structure, not screened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Bulk Discounts?

On jobs with a lot of loads, feel free to contact us. Depending on job site and time frame, we will do our best to build a competitive offer for you.

Do you do haul off if I have dirt I need to get rid of?

Contact us if you need to get rid of dirt. Availability may vary.

Can You Dump In My Back Yard?

We are happy to dump where ever works best for you. We don’t take liability for broken concrete. When dumping in backyards, understand the truck is about 10 feet wide, around 12 feet tall and long. This makes taking sharp turns very difficult.

How Many Yards Can Your Truck Hold?

We have 3 trucks, our small truck holds 4 yards, our regular truck hold 15 yards and our side dumps hold 24 yards. Pricing is listed above.

What Time Do You Deliver?

We deliver between 8am and 6pm. If you are needing the dirt early, we recommend getting it the day before.