Sod Near Me

Being able to get topsoil and sod near you from the same business is a staple about what we do. We want to be a one-stop shop for great customer service and even better product. Check out pricing below and get beautiful sod delivered right to your door.

About Our Sod

Our sod comes out of Idaho. Utah doesn’t grow much sod anymore because land is too expensive. We have gone through several sod farms to figure out what farm is best for our customers.

If you are looking for a more tradition type of grass for Utah, Kentucky Blue Grass is our our most popular seller. The RTF has a slightly different color and needs less water. This is what makes it a more premium.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Bulk Discounts

On jobs with a large amount of square feet, feel free to contact us. Depending on job site and time frame, we will do our best to build a competitive offer for you.

What Kind of Grass is It?

We use Kentucky blue grass mainly. We also have a tall fescue if you are interested in more drought resistant sod. Kentucky Blue is a more affordable option. Pricing is listed above.

How Many Sqauare Feet Can Your Truck Hold?

Full semi holds about 10,000 square feet. These trucks sometimes don’t fit on small roads, so we break it down into smaller trucks.

What Time Do You Deliver

Delivery times vary. We generally deliver in the mornings but depending on the day could be in the afternoon. Feel free to ask and we can get you a more accurate time.