Gravel Near Me

Looking for gravel near you? Gravel comes in all shapes and sizes. Check out our selection below and start building a quote.

Gravel Options

Squeegee Pea Gravel

Squeegee Pea Gravel

Size: 3/8″

Price: $40/Ton

Chipped Pea Gravel

Size: 3/8″

Price: $40/Ton

Tank Bedding

Size: 1/2″

Price: $40/Ton

Recycled Concrete Gravel

Size: .5″

Price: $40/Ton

Construction Gravel

Size: 1″ minus

Price: $40/Ton

3/4 Inch Gravel

Sizes: 3/4 or 1.5″

Price: $40/Ton

*Colors may vary

Remember: 1 cubic yard of gravel is bigger than 1 ton. This number varies depending on the gravel, but the ballpark number is 1 ton is equal to about .66 cubic yards. To make it easier, check out our material calculator.

Want To Get An Easy Quote With Material And Trucking?

Gravel Trucking Pricing

*Pricing is from Spanish Fork to Draper, we go down to Santaquin and up to West Jordan for an extra $50

*Pickup Not Available At This Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Bulk Discounts?

On jobs with a lot of loads, feel free to contact us. Depending on job site and time frame, we will do our best to build a competitive offer for you.

Do you do haul off if I have dirt I need to get rid of?

Contact us if you need to get rid of dirt. Availability may vary.

Can You Dump In My Back Yard?

We are happy to dump where ever works best for you. We don’t take liability for broken concrete. When dumping in backyards, understand the truck is about 10 feet wide, around 12 feet tall and long. This makes taking sharp turns very difficult.

How Many Tons Can Your Truck Hold?

We have 3 trucks, our small truck holds 4 tons, our regular truck hold 15 yards and our side dumps hold 24 tons. Pricing is listed above. 

What Time Do You Deliver?

We deliver between 8am and 6pm. If you are needing the dirt early, we recommend getting it the day before. If that is not an option, we deliver early for an extra fee.